Winery and Microclimate

Set in the lush Texas Hill Country and surrounded on all sides by vineyards, the Fall Creek winery is a stunning visual surprise. Designed by the architect in accordance with Susan Auler’s specifications, the 20,000 sq. ft. winery is a dramatic combination of the new and the old.

While the fermentation room holds the most modern of winemaking equipment, the oak casks reside in a room secured by antique stable doors from the Louis Pasteur Laboratory outside of Paris. The upstairs portions of the winery are the guest quarters which combine early Texas and antique country French and English furnishings. Over the fireplace hangs a triptych in pastels by noted artist Sheila Lichacz of “The Miracle at Cana,” where Christ turned the six vessels of water into wine at the wedding feast. Also, in the room are 19th century family heirloom American tapestries.


Fall Creek Vineyards Terroir

Fall Creek Vineyards 400 acre growing site was selected and purchased in 1975 for its unique soil and climatic conditions, located on the northwest shores of immense Lake Buchanan in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. As a rancher and private pilot for30 years, Ed Auler has always been keenly aware of the environment, climatic, geological and geographical conditions around him, no matter where he might find himself in the world. This complex soil is a result of alluvial soil from the Colorado River that eroded the Limestone, Sandstone and Granite hills surrounding the valley where the vineyard is located. The proximity of an 8-mile expanse of Lake Buchanan adjacent to the Fall Creek Vineyards provides ideal nighttime cooling to produce optimum growing conditions. We say, “Fall Creek Vineyards is where the SKY fell in Love with the Earth and gave Birth to Wine.”

“…the Aulers are arguably the first family of Texas wine.”
– George Fuermann, The Houston Post

“These three wineries (one of which was Fall Creek) can compete in quality with anybody.”
– Robert M. Parker, The Wine Advocate

“(Of the Texas wineries) the most distinctive…and perhaps the most distinguished is the Fall Creek Vineyards of
Ed and Susan Auler, close by Lake Buchanan in the central hills.”
– Gerald Asher, Gourmet

“Ed Auler could turn out to be the Robert Mondavi of Texas.”
– Alex Brennan-Martin, Brennan’s of Houston, Ultra

The Vineyards

Located in the Texas Hill Country on the northwest shores of Lake Buchanan, Fall Creek Vineyards
experiences a warm day-cool night growing season with low relative humidity. The vineyards are constantly cooled by the prevailing breezes off Lake Buchanan. The sandy loam soil is ideal for growing premium grapes. Harvest occurs between late July and early October.