Surprising Sauvignon Blanc (with update)

Texas has been producing good wine for quite some time now, with good paradigms established.  Now, we are stepping up to the next level, making great and memorable wines.  And our recently release 2013 Sauvignon Blanc is an example that enlightens the way.

However, let me ask you, if you were to buy a Sauvignon Blanc from anywhere in the world, would Texas be on the top 5 list?  I, honestly, would not have put it on my top 10 list 6 months ago, but now, most definitely I would!  I have new perspective and excitement for Sauvignon Blanc in Texas.  Some of you may think  that the recommendation comes from my being a little too close to the  production, but I think I can back it up by saying that I have never tasted a Sauvignon Blanc with such a full mouth feel.

Mesa in the backIt seems that the soils of Pecos County in West Texas, which have been formed from the thousands of years of long erosion of an ancient shallow ocean floor, a process that left behind those majestic mesas as mute witnesses, have gathered a rich cocktail of minerals, with calcium being the main ingredient.

It also seems like this variety in particular is able to translate what went on underneath the surface into a flavorful taste that is way beyond simply balanced acidity. 

Our just released 2013 FCV Texas Sauvignon Blanc presents zesty, juicy fruit, sea water, chalk, balanced with refreshing citrus which peaks with a finish that goes on and on.  I even dare to use the word “round” (more of a red wine dominion) here, because the vibrant acidity and flavors flow softly and easily over the palate, something you would not expect.

In a way, this wine makes you revisit what you think about Sauvignon Blanc.  At least, that is what it did to me.  I just discovered a dimension I thought this variety didn’t have…a rich mouth feel, body!    Hugh Johnson, the renowned British wine writer, once said:  “Sauvignon Blanc is a weed that should be eradicated”. Obviously, I think he is totally wrong, as do Sauvignon Blanc lovers around the world!   How I would  love to present the 2013, Fall Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, Texas, to him!

Don’t expect this wine to be like the kiwi ones though (2 out of 3 bottles from NZ are Sauvignon Blanc!), it’s Texas at its best!

Sergio Cuadra
Fall Creek Vineyards
Director of Winemaking

Update, last May, this wine just got a Gold Medal in the Los Angeles International Wine Competition where some 3,000 plus other wines from all over the world were submitted!